Six Phantastic Years

On January 5, 2018 The Phantastics celebrated their 6th birthday. Now this is a band that knows how to party! Count Tutu got the show started on a high energy, pull all the stops set. Hi-Lux slowed it back down to a hot, low and slow simmer and The Phantastics cranked it all the way back up.

Count Tutu is a band you really have to see live to get the full experience and not just because they haven't recorded their music yet. Their energy is contagious. Their set is full of twists and turns with Branjae doing multiple on stage costume changes. Branjae’s dancing and theatrical performance once again found me needing to pick up my jaw off the floor and catch my breath. Their songs are about social justice and equality if you're listening, but if not, get ready for for one hell of a dance party. Their fresh sound is jazz, funk, New Orleans, and hip hop. Kemet at one point joined them on stage to rap in one of the songs.

Hi-Lux brought down the tempo, just a little, without bringing down the mood. Julia’s soaring voice and the smooth sensual jazzy beats had the crowd grooving. Just when I thought I knew what genre to box their music in they’d throw in new elements of funk, groove, R&B, and soul. The stage was glowing with a fantastic energy. Looking into the crowd I saw a sea of smiling faces and people dancing along.

The Phantastics shut down the night in true Phantastics style-things got a little bananas. The Phantastics have a strong and loyal fan base and they were there to celebrate. Each band member has so much personality and they bring it all to the stage. I swear this band goes up to eleven. Their chemistry is notable as they feed off each others energy and throw it out to the crowd like confetti. Watching Kemet and Kim banter on stage is fun. Their songs continue to bring the crowd into the party. There is a fire in their music that dares you not to dance. This was an epic night of celebration.

Count Tutu


The Phantastics

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