Kelly Hunt, Kansas City Bear Fighters, and Grassfed

On November 11, 2017 the Westport Saloon hosted a delightful roots music sampler with each band playing different genres of roots music. Kelly Hunt with Stas' Heaney opened. They were followed by the Kansas City Bear Fighters. Grassfed closed the night.

If you're ever trying to decide between staying home or going to listen to Kelly Hunt, the answer is to always go. Kelly is like a songbird perched on your heart singing with her beautiful voice. Between her voice and the cooing of her banjo and Stas' fiddle, you'll find yourself just a little bit lighter. Kelly's songs range from murder ballads to songs that feel like old timey gospel.

The Kansas City Bear fighters plays the music you might expect to find at an old time western in saloon during a bar brawl, but better. His voice is just so something. This band is a little bit quirky and very energetic. See them live and you'll know why they're so loved by the crowd.

Grassfess closed out the high energy bluegrass to power your barn stomp. If you're not too mesmerized watching their fast picking, then this high octane band will surely get you dancing.

Kelly Hunt

Kansas City Bear Fighters


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