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Hembree and JR JR at the recordBar

Hembree started off the night running with a wave of energy and a song to dance to. From the moment they walked on the stage, you could feel this invincible cool and they had the music to back it up. As they played, you could literally feel the floor bouncing as people jammed out to Hembree's infectious music.

In between sets one could feel the building anticipation for JR JR. The lights dimmed down low for the set and even in a packed recordBar there was a feeling of intimacy, but don't confuse that for quiet or calm. There was a thirst for life in the music and the crowd was feeling it. One could see the crowd moving along to the songs. The night ended with a giant, lite up J and R coming out to the stage, and people danced with them. Two members of the band climbed into the crowd with the J and R on either side of them. They sang "Same Dark Places" among the crowd in a darkness lite up with the glowing stage lights behind them and the JR near them. A circle formed around them and this moment of community formed. It brought to life the meaning of the song and the audience sang along in the dark. It was a moment where no matter how hard things are, one could feel they were not alone. It was a moment of pure magic and good.

October 07, 2017

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