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Nuthatch-47/Bone Spur/Drew Black and Dirty Electric

After seeing The MGD's at Border Brewing, I headed over to the miniBar to catch some more great music. Playing at the miniBar was Nuthatch-47, Bone Spur, and Drew Black and Dirty Electric. One other band played, but after one of the musicians told me to smile from the stage I decided not to share their photos.

Nuthatch-47 played punk music raging with energy. Their songs had themes ranging from road rage to an ode to their cat. Some of their music was even in Russian. Punk music hasn't always been my thing, but I'll add Nuthatch-47 to the list of punk bands that I love.

Bone Spur kept the energy roaring with their trucker rock. They had this look this sexual redneck feel and the music was so much rock and roll. The crowd was into it; the show felt like you hopped into the back of a pick up truck for a ride with friends.

Drew Black and Dirty Electric closed down the night with their gritty rock. You can count on them to bring the dance to the party. Their music was the perfect way to end the night and set the tone for the rest of the weekend.

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